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Tax litigation encompasses every judicial procedure that settles tax controversies between the contributor and the existing financial administration. It is mostly a documentary procedure, for which the appellant must provide all the details of his or her appeal, while the counterparty must provide all the required rebuttal arguments in order for the appellant to be informed of the procedure. Our professionals, who interact with public tax offices, provident societies, unions and trade associations on a regular basis, are able to assist our clients in a variety of tax litigation procedures. Our responsibility is to offer professional and constant assistance to our clients throughout all the phases of the procedure. Our assistance involves a careful analysis of the case and of the required supporting documentation. We devise strategies to be implemented in the cases of tax, social welfare, and corporate litigation. Our approach is to carefully define the various strategies, with a focus on the deflation phase of the litigation process, including self-protection, appeasement, mediation, ruling, assessment agreement, judicial conciliation settlement. We strive to reach the goal set by our clients with the best results at the lowest price possible.


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