Dal Borgo Cavallini

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Corrado Cavallini

corrado cavalliniMaster’s in Economics (University of Modena and Reggio).
Certified Tax Preparer: Master’s in Tax Assessment
Registered Statutory Auditor
Co-founder of Cavallini, Dal Borgo & Partners; sole director of SGP Srl (Sassuolo Gestioni Patrimoniali Srl with the municipality of Sassuolo as sole partner)
Teaching Assistant in the course “Corporate Finance” pertaining to the degree in Engineering Management
Lecturer at the Military Academy of Modena and the University of Modena Reggio. Courses taught: Political Economics, Asset Management, Business Management. Instructor for law and finance courses at various public organizations and trade associations.
President of the Board of Auditors and Chartered Accountants of Bergamo Artisan Businesses Trade Association.
Mayor of several chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
Mayor of Sassuolo Football League.
Statutory Auditor for various local organizations
External Auditor for Assoartigiani (Confindustria, Rome)
Expert in corporate and international tax preparation.


Marco Dal Borgo

marco dal borgoMaster’s in Economics (University of Modena)
Certified Tax Preparer
Registered Statutory Auditor
Co-founder of Cavallini, Dal Borgo & Partners
Former co-founder of Benassi, Dal Borgo & Associates and Benassi & Dal Borgo
Expert in corporate and international tax preparation for Europe, North and South America, Southern Africa, ex- Soviet Union Countries, and China.
Expert in auditing and mayoral activities
Expert in arrangement with creditors for corporate businesses
Judicial Liquidator, Receiver, and Attestor
President of the Board of Auditors, Mayor and Statutory Auditor for various companies
Chairman of Management Board of various foreign societies
Agent of property sales for the Court of Modena